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Enrolment Information.

Information for Prospective Families.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all students and their families considering joining the ӣɬ community in 2025 and beyond. Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Families are welcome to visit the school and see it in action on one of our school tours. Tours will commence in Term 1, 2024 and generally run up until May each year.

Year 7 Enrolments.

Eligible children and young persons have the right to be admitted to their designated neighbourhood government school, regardless of capacity.
In circumstances where schools do not have sufficient accommodation to accept all students who apply from outside their school zone, schools must manage enrolment applications in accordance with the following priority order of placement:

  1. Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time
  2. All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.

In exceptional circumstances, a student may be enrolled in a school based on compassionate grounds. This is an overarching consideration and does not form part of the priority order of placement.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Melissa Hughes (Junior School Leader) on (03) 9430 5111 or by email to melissa.hughes@education.vic.gov.au.

ӣɬ|Enrolment Information
ӣɬ|Enrolment Information
ӣɬ|Enrolment Information
ӣɬ|Enrolment Information
ӣɬ|Enrolment Information
ӣɬ|Enrolment Information
ӣɬ|Enrolment Information
ӣɬ|Enrolment Information

Closeness to school.

Closeness to school is the distance measured in a straight line from the child’s permanent residential address to the school.

Distances from an address to the 5 nearest schools (as measured in a straight line) are available on the . This website can be used when considering order of closeness to school.

Closeness to school is either assessed upon receipt of an enrolment application or as part of the Year 7 placement processes.

Timelines will be strictly observed for Year 7 placement applications. If an application for enrolment or Year 7 placement misses the deadline, it should be considered after applications received on time (if the student does not live in the school zone or does not have a sibling attending the school at the same time).

Current year enrolments.

Enrolment at Year 7 for 2024
Please contact Danka Kantarovski on (03) 9430 5113 or by email at danka.kantarovski@education.vic.gov.au

Enrolment at Years 8 – 12
You have a guaranteed place if your permanent address places you within the zone of the school if you are enrolled at any other Victorian Government secondary school. In most cases, the school requests enrolment commences at the beginning of a new term.

All Other Enrolments at Years 8 – 12
If places are available, by negotiation with the appropriate Sub-school Leader. For further information, please contact:
Registrar: Danka Kantarovski– (03) 9430 5113danka.kantarovski@education.vic.gov.au

Deeds Count.

We challenge our students to think critically, work in teams, embrace opportunities, demonstrate leadership and achieve success along many pathways.