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Our Principal.

Our focus is to support growth in all our students irrespective of their entry point, their perceived ability, or level of achievement.

Respect for the traditions and culture of the the Wurundjeri People.

I begin by acknowledging the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation, who are the Traditional Owners of the land on which ӣɬ is located, and pay my respect to their Elders past, present, and emerging.

I acknowledge that many local place names are inspired by the culture and the language of the Wurundjeri including the Nalleijerring Performance Centre at ӣɬ.

I reflect on the culture and traditions of the Wurundjeri and value the way they support their young people to learn, grow and develop.

Their approach to nurturing the whole child encourages the pedagogies applied at ӣɬ where social, academic, and well-being care go hand in hand and where the narrative of our culture and our school values are so important to who we are as a learning organisation.


Welcome to ӣɬ, an exceptional school with a clear and purposeful vision that allows us to communicate what we are aiming to achieve for our young people and enlist our community in a partnership to make this happen.

Our focus is to support growth in all our students irrespective of their entry point, their perceived ability, or level of achievement.

So WHY do we do what we do?

Because…we believe in developing the next generation of ethical, moral, happy, and respectful citizens who have the skills to be resilient and be optimistic about the future. Who, through their creative talents, their ability to think critically, their voice, their compassion, their courage, and their determination will be able to make their mark on the world and leave it a better place.

HOW do we achieve this?

Through active, mutual respect for all. Through resolving lapses of respectful behaviour and differences between individuals or groups using a restorative approach, which aims to restore harmony. Through providing opportunities to our students that challenge them to be continuous learners. Through developing strong, positive, relationships with them and the home. Through developing our staff to be the best that they can be.

WHAT do we do?

We provide an outstanding, holistic education for our young people.

At our core remains an unshakeable commitment to encouraging all students to progress at their own pace towards their own goals and to be respected as individuals in their own right. We are committed to nurturing and challenging our students in an atmosphere that inspires creativity and independent thinking in all areas of life and does not, overtly, or subtly, use competition or punishment to motivate through the fear of failure.

That as global citizens we encourage an awareness of world issues and encourage efforts to make a positive difference. That we believe education should prepare students to be thoughtful, peace-loving, and active citizens of the world.

That ӣɬ will remain a school that puts kindness, compassion, and social relationships at the centre of its operations. Aligning with the “ӣɬ Student” document, our classes will be based on ‘Essential Agreements’ where everyone has the opportunity to shape and modify the boundaries and expectations they will aspire to – and sometimes achieve.

ӣɬ|Our Principal

We reject group punishment, accept that all behaviour has meaning and that individuals have very different challenges, dispositions, and circumstances.

For many students who have experienced authority as absolute, the demands of taking responsibility, managing choices, confronting natural consequences, and shouldering the burden of moral agency can be very challenging.

Young people who have been rigorously trained to depend on external authority to regulate their behaviour may never become fully autonomous adults. Through our work, we focus on developing these important skills for our young people to be able to effectively function in society.

Our philosophy implies that we have and will continue to develop, a team of adults who can model, support, and challenge our students, each one in their own imperfect way, to become autonomous individuals, who can make their own independent, ethical decisions with the courage to question the future society they will create.

I invite you to become part of our learning organisation.

Vincent Sicari, Principal

ӣɬ|Our Principal
ӣɬ | Our Principal

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