ӣɬ | Senior School  (Years 10-12) ӣɬ | Senior School  (Years 10-12)

Senior School
(Years 10-12).

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The Tutorial teacher will be an important point of contact for students and will be able to provide support to students, encouraging them to pursue excellence in the individual pathway they have chosen. The curriculum is structured around four key themes that have been identified as priority areas for students in the Senior School; Study Skills, Wellbeing, Pathways, and Leadership. It has been informed by the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework incorporating aspects of Self Development, Career Exploration, and Career Management.


Year 10 is an exciting stage of learning at ӣɬ where students look ahead to future learning pathways. It aims to provide diverse and engaging opportunities for students to develop themselves as a whole person, both inside and beyond the classroom.

ӣɬ | Senior School  (Years 10-12)

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